Day 8




Day 7

So I’ve been so busy with working and band practice and sleep and eating healthy and slowly deteriorating mentally that I haven’t had time to post stuff on updates here. However, I come bearing excellent news!

Tomorrow I begin introductory classes in martial arts, so hopefulyl learning one of these arts will help me improve focus, self-control, self-confidence, and also make it a bit easier to regulate my exercise schedule.

I ate 3 5-layer burritos. I’m telling you, I have a severe weakness. Ugggghhhhhhh. Now I need to overhaul on the celery sticks and carrots. As far as workouts, I’ve been a tad bit too sore to actually be working out, but after I get some recording done I’m gonna go for a run here in a bit and see if the past few days have done any good whatsoever.


Day 5

Man, it just keeps getting harder and harder.

With more shadowboxing to increase endurance and knowing that boxing (if you include kicks) works just about every muscle in your body, I’ve been left so sore that it’s unbearable. I’ve literally boxed until my feet went out from under me. I feel like spaghetti and I know that feeling means progress towards my goal. But my arms throb and my stomach aches whenever I bend. I hope this pain passes soon.

I slipped up and grabbed two 5-layer Burritos from Taco Bell last night. I’m pretty amd at myself for that, as I should have made something to eat at work. Let’s hope the incident doesn’t repeat itself.


Day 4

Yeah, there was no Day 3. I was sore, alright?

I have been speaking to a lot of people who were once in the same position I’m in and they recommended a “2 on, 1 off” system, where I work out for two days in a row then take a day completely off, continue that for a couple of weeks until the soreness goes away, and then increase it to “3 on, 1 off” and so forth. So that means in a couple of hours I’ll do either body-weight training or endurance, most likely the former.

I picked up a lot of healthy stuff from the store today. Bananas, apples, oranges, pasta, spaghetti, eggs, celery (ugh. Celery), and so V8 juice.

Hopefully soon I can snag a small grill and start cooking steaks and getting some serious protein. Plus I love steak. OOOOOHHHHH do I love steak.

So yeah. Already after having done some workouts and eaten some more healthy meals (and snacked on stupid foods less) I feel a lot…better. Like I feel like my mood has improved a little bit, I feel like I have a bit more energy because I’m getting it through natural means. I don’t know, I just really feel like this might be the start of something better.


Day 2; Continued

After a ridiculously short shadowboxing ession, I’ve come to the conclusionthat I am massively out of shape. I remember the days of being able to run a mile without breaking a sweat. But yesterday, I ran much less than I thought I could and today I shadowboxed much less than I thought I could.

However, I did a little bit of dietary alteration. I am currently eating insane amounts of junk food, like those store-brand cookies, at least 2 lbs of Ramen a day, drinking sodas, and completely neglecting fruit. I’m’ going to make a drastic change today in my diet. when I wake up tomorrow (later tonight, by normal people’s standards), I’ll begin closely monitoring every calorie that I put in my body, along with logging protein, vitamin intake, carbs, and sugars. We wouldn’t want me to turn into a diabetic, now would we?

As it stands, here’s my daily regimen of change, though as I do further research, this will most likely be altered in the future. For now, I’m just doing major changes and will make minor adjustments as time goes on.

3 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup water
1 Peanut Butter toast

PB&J Sandwich
2 - 3 Cups of water
Celery Sticks (Or another healthy alternative to chips)

Spaghetti (Or another plain pasta)
Mixed with 1 - 2 eggs and 3 slices of melted cheese

In the future, I’ll be making purchases to accomodate an expanded range of meal choices and options. I obviously can’t eat this exact format every day, so I’ll need weekly variants and rotations. In addition, I need to regulate my eating pattern. Too often have I snuck into my own kitchen to grab an unhealthy snack that I didn’t need to be eating anyway.

So, I think that about wraps it up for day 2!


Day 2

I went jogging yesterday (or as Will Ferrell would say it, “Yogging”. It’s a soft ‘j’)

However, today I’m going to start re-writing my late night diet as well as do some shadowboxing to work on my footwork and endurance. This is the second day of my physical remake, helped along much by watching several Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee videos and saying to myself, “I wish I could do that!”. That’s a bigger motivator than a lot of things.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I’m going to post the first “Before” pictures. Hopefully over the course of the next few months, we’ll start to see some aesthetic changes.


Day 1

Today, I’ve decided to turn my life around physically. Though the process will be slow and steady, I’ll hopefully leave reminders for myself around my apartment to keep me focused on improving my physical conditioning as well as my eating habits. First, today, we’ll start with the first step.

Going out for a jog


The Homeless Man

So, by the title of this post, you can clearly tell what it will be about, but let me start at the beginning of this story.

I work at Securitas and I’m contracted for security at Cinram. I work 3 12-hour days a week. So I was getting off of work this morning to go to Wal-Mart and buy some new shoes because the rubber sole was literally FALLING OFF of the pair I was wearing. I go in, buy my shoes and 3 Blu-ray movies, and I’m leaving Wal-Mart.

As I’m opening the door of my car, a man approaches me to ask what time it is. For some reason, I recall the time to the minute: 6:58 AM. I cannot remember exactly how it happened, but he begins striking up a conversation. About two minutes in, I realize that he isn’t going to stop talking anytime soon, and I just hope I don’t freeze to death before he does, because I have no jacket on, just my work uniform.

I quickly notice that he has no upper teeth and is missing many of his lower ones. However, contrary to a typical homeless man, he is actually otherwise well-groomed and does not smell like a dead cat in a bag. He would later explain to me that he focuses on his appearance as much as possible.

As I stood frustrated at his ranting and recounting of his life story, it suddenly struck me that this man was not going to ask anything of me. He would not ask for money, or clothes, or a job, or other assistance. All that this man wanted - all that he needed - was someone to listen to him. Someone to care about what he was saying, what he’d been through.

He and his wife were successful business owners once upon a time, and owned a landscaping company that did contracted work for about 15 years. Thankful for their good fortune, they sought to help the hardworking but unfortunate homeless from the pit of their despair, and would hire anybody living in a tent or sleeping on a cardboard box that they thought to be trustworthy and hardworking. This kind, limitlessly generous act of charity is unfortunately the reason for their current predicament. They hired a homeless man and later would open their home to him. He was given a room in their house as a guest until he could get on his feet and support himself. But the guest was trekking into the woods daily to cook meth. Eventually, someone saw him and the authorities were called. He was tracked to the home he was a guest of, and the man and his wife were convicted of manufacturing methanphetamines. They lost their home, their jobs, their business…they lost everything because they put trust in someone and tried to help them out of the rut they were living in.

He is dying of lung cancer, and his wife is experiencing liver failure. He would not hesitate to give his life in place of his wife’s, who is a fantastic writer and a gifted woman. She sees the best in everybody and trusts everyone, and it’s clear that this man loves her more than he has ever loved another human being, and just the thought of her passing brought tears to his eyes. This caused me to hold back my own set of tears, lest I should have wept uncontrollably.

The man had been through so much, he had helped so many people in his success, people who would later refuse to give him aid when he needed it the most. And yet he still believes, after all of it, that God has something in store for him. I’ve never met a more wrecked person in my life. But he has managed to keep his sanity, his intelligence, and his optimistic outlook despite everything that has taken place in his life.

I gave him my phone number and my e-mail address and told him that if he ever needed to talk about anything, he could contact me. I wonder how he’s going to pull himself and his wife out of this predicament, but I feel like somehow, he was brought to me so that somehow I may help him, but I don’t know how I can do that.

With every word he spoke, he spoke it with reality and true pain, but his pride in his work ethic and what he’d already achieved spoke to his true character. He confided and spoke about his entire story to someone he had never met in his life, and I’m grateful that I was able to stand there and listen to everything he said, to see and feel the terrible things that could happen to a pure, kind soul, and it makes me wonder why such tradgedies fall upon the best of us, why such a wonderful heart had to be torn apart by its own generosity. It makes me wonder about the state of the world that we live in, and that if everyone was like this man, we wouldn’t look over our shoulders when are backs are to those we don’t know. But if we could set our own selfish pride aside….

There might still yet be hope for humanity.